111 SE Columbia Way, Vancouver, WA 98661, USA

Happy Hour

Happy Hour
Every day starting at 3pm in the Cantina*

Street Corn (off the cob)
Queso Dip
Papas Calientes (Street Fries)
Draft Beer (pint)
Well drinks
Tequila Shot (el jimador)

Mini Tacos (4) (Steak and Chorizo)
Loaded Tostada Nachos (6) (pork & chorizo)
Sopes (3) (Grilled Chicken)
Signature Margarita (Regular or Fruit)
Draft Beer (Schooner)
Call Drinks

Salmon Tacos (3)
BBQ Carnitas Sliders (3)
Chicken Flautas (4) (Chicken)
Classic Paloma
Spicy Jalapeño Cucumber (Margarita)

Taco Tuesday

Every Tuesday!

$2.99 Tacos – Chicken, Carnitas, Steak, Al pastor

Banner: Happy Hour. Every day starting at 3pm in the Cantina*. $4 - Street Corn (off the cob), Queso Dip, Mini Chimis (6), Draft Beer (pint), Well drinks, Tequila Shot (el jimador). $6 - Mini Tacos (4) (Steak and Chorizo), Loaded Tostada Nachos (6) (pork & chorizo), Papas Calientes (Street Fries), Sopes (3) (Grilled Chicken), Signature Margarita (Regular or Fruit), Draft Beer (Schooner), Call Drinks. $8 - Salmon Tacos (3), Sliders (3) (Habanero, BBQ, Carnitas), Flautas (4) (Chicken), Mojitos, Classic Paloma, Spicy Jalapeño Cucumber (Margarita).